i want to be your heart that breaks. (uncalm) wrote in umamii,
i want to be your heart that breaks.

bevelles ▷ critique me!

What do you think about my icons? What can I improve on? Let me know here, please be honest and provide suggestions. Idea from gyaku. You can reply anonymous if you want. Thanks ♥
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COLORING: I really like your strong red colors.
CROPPING: sometimes you cut people's lips, even though it's weird it's at the same time awesome.
TEXTURE USE: simple and clear, which looks really pretty on your colorings.
SUGGESTIONS: hm maybe you could try softer colorings? idek :|

I know that I'm no help at all :cc
Noo, very helpful :))
I will try softer colorings~:)
Thank youu ♥

Deleted comment

Thanks bb ♥
COLORING: I love the deep dark colors. It brings a different feel from other icons I've seen.
CROPPING: Your cropping's great. :D
TEXTURE USE: I'm not a fan of textures, I like the simple backgrounds better. But it looks great on the icons.
SUGGESTIONS: I don't icon so I don't really know what to say. Contrasting colors, having both dark and light?

Thanks, that really helps :))
COLORING: is ridiculously pretty.
CROPPING: never looks awkward :Db
TEXTURE USE: love your texture use. It'd be great if you use them more :)
SUGGESTIONS: I really like the ~floatiness~ of the aoi yuu icons in your latest post, so... more of those? sorry I fail at giving critique 8|
oh no, you don't fail *hugs*
but that was what i was going for in my latest post, a bit more lighter coloring :) i definitely plan on using more textures.

thankss ♥